Nagasaki 1945 Angelus Bell

Nagasaki Flyer 

Assisi Heights Spirituality Center
Tuesday, August 1, 2:30 and 6:30 PM
In wartime Japan, an idealistic young doctor is sent to the countryside to run a TB hospital  in the
provincial town, Urakami, of Nagasaki. Dr. Akizuki forms close bonds with his patients and the
community. Then suddenly, the unimaginable happens. An atomic bomb is dropped, and the town and
its people are devastated. Dr. Akizuki and his staff struggle courageously, without enough medicine or
food, to help the sick and wounded. Dr. Akizuki learned that he was contaminated and struggled with
his own radiation symptoms. This is the story, in Japanese animation with English sub-titles, of how a
community survived and was resurrected from the ashes of war. Dr. Akizuki, who died at age 89 in
2005, documented his own diminishment from the effects of the radiation.

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